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How to add a beautiful FAQ section with Elementor

Do you want to add a FAQ section with Elementor to your website pages? Frequently asked questions will enable you to add a question and answer section more professionally and organized. Users can easily find out useful information from the FAQ section. You can showcase the important facts about your services or websites in the section to provide the users with easy access. This can easily increase your user experience and can create more engagement for the audience.

Add a beautiful FAQ section with Elementor

There are different ways you can add a Frequently Asked Questions section to your website. You can do it manually or you can use solutions like Absolute Addons to create a beautiful FAQ section. It provides you with advanced features and functionalities to implement your FAQ section.

Install and activate the Absolute Addons plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and then open up a page with Elementor editor.

To use the FAQ widget, you need to create an FAQ using your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to FAQ > Add New page from your dashboard. Now add your question & answer with categories.

FAQ section with Elementor

The Faq widget automatically displays the FAQ you added.

Open up a page with Elementor editor and create a section by clicking on the “+” icon. Then from the block section of the left bar search for the FAQ widget. Drag the FAQ widget and drop it into your created section.

Frequently Asked Question

Under the Content tab from the Template menu, you can choose the FAQ style. There are different styles available. You can choose any style by clicking on the style number.

You can see all the styles from here.

Accordion Controller

From here you can enable or disable the accordion icon, select before and after icon position and alignment. You can also set accordion animation and opening, closing times.

Frequently Asked Question

Query Section

From the query section, you can select post count, category, and order.

Frequently Asked Question

Step 3

Move on to the style tab where you will find different style options.

Frequently Asked Question

General FAQ Style

Set section width, add background color as classic or gradient, box-shadow, border type, and padding from here for normal and hover conditions.

Frequently Asked Question

FAQs Title

Set title typography, background type, color, and padding for normal, active, and hover conditions.

Frequently Asked Question

FAQs Content

Set FAQ content typography, content padding from here.

Frequently Asked Question


FAQs icon

Set icon color for normal and hover conditions.

Frequently Asked Question

That’s it! Your frequently asked question section is ready to use.

Wrapping up

Following the process, you will be able to create a frequently asked question section on your website. You can see our other articles to learn to create a beautiful coming soon page with Elementor for your website

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