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Display your services with Elementor in a unique way to your website

Do you want to display your services with Elementor in a unique and beautiful way on your website? Here in this article, we will guide you to the easiest way to display your services with Elementor. You need to inform your users about your services so that they can easily understand what they can get from you. So you need to display the services so that they can easily get the attraction of users. Absolute Addons Services widget is a great tool to display and inform your users about the services you provide. You can easily add the services to your web pages easily with just a click. The service widget is super flexible and customizable. You just need to drag and drop the widget and add your information. There are different presets available so you can choose from different layouts.

Add your services with Elementor

At first, you need to install and activate the Absolute Addons WordPress plugin. After successfully activating the plugin open up a page with Elementor editor where you want to add the services you provide.

To use the Service widget first, create a section by clicking on the “+” icon on Elementor and then from the block section of the left bar search for Service. Drag the Service block and drop it into your created section.

services with Elementor

Now under the Content tab, you can select the Service preset from the Service Style dropdown menu. There are eleven (More Coming) unique and professional-looking styles available for the Service Widget. You can choose any of the styles you want. You can see all the service demos from here

services with Elementor

Now from the Content Section option, you can select the column for your service items. After that, you need to add the item. By default, there are three items available. You can copy any item by clicking on the copy icon and deleting an item using the delete icon. If you want to add a new item then click on the Add Item button.

services with Elementor

Click any of the items to edit the information. First, you can add the service number and then add the title and choose the title HTML tag. Add the service icon and enter the content in the paragraph field.

services with Elementor

Scroll down and then you can set the background color, hover background color, number background, bg, hover color, and many more.

services with Elementor

Step 2

Move on to the Style tab where you will find different options to style up the section.

Service item

Set the background type, color, box shadow, border radius for the service item section. You can also set the column gap, raw gap, and padding for the item section too.

Service Number

Set the service number typography, background type, color, width, height, and border radius for the service number both in normal and hover conditions.

services with Elementor

Service title

Set service title typography and padding for both in normal conditions. For hover conditions, you can change the title color.

Service Icon

Here in the service icon option, you can set the service icon size, background type, color, padding, and margin for normal conditions. And for the hover conditions, you can change the icon hover color.

Service Content

You can set the service content typography, content color, border type, and padding for normal conditions. For hover conditions, you can set the content hover color.

Wrapping Up

Following the process, you will be able to add your services to your website using Elementor. You can see our other articles to learn How to add a beautiful FAQ section with Elementor

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